3-Mile Finnegan’s Island

Parody TV Show – A Crew of 2 and their 5 passengers are stranded on 3 Mile Island Nuclear Facility, where they must contend with Mutants, Black Ops Agents, and lots of other wacky situations.

50 Cent Store

Sketch – Famous recording artist 50 Cent stars in a commercial for his new store.. The “50 Cent Store”.. and of course everyone’s walking up to him during the commercial and asking him how he can sell this stuff for only 50 cents (thinking they have gone into a cheaper “Dollar Store”.. and he starts getting pissed because everything is like $50-500 for his licensed merchandise.

Attack Of The Humans

Sketch – A typical neighborhood of Zombies is terrorized by a family of fleshlings who move to town.

Clown Hunters

TV Reality show Parody – A parody of Ghost Hunters (or any ghost hunting “reality” show). Follow our courageous team as they hunt the difficult to track North American Clown. Watch as they crash children’s birthday parties in order to bring clowns to justice.

Early Withdrawl

Sketch – A bank robber tries to hold up a sperm bank. Throughout the sketch, the robber seems to be wanting money, but at the end it reveals that he actually wants to steal sperm. Possible names for Bank: Sperm Bank Spank Bank 1st National Sperm Bank

Game Of Buns

Sketch – Depicts the bitter feud between Burger King, Ronald McDonald and the other kingpins in the Great Burger Wars.

Getaway Bank

Sketch – A guy wearing all black and wearing a mask (tipped up off of his face) runs into a bank with a sack of money. Both he and the money are covered with that red explosive dye. He proceeds to stand in line calmly. Then sits down with a banker to open a new account with the money.

Graveyard Golfers’ Association

Sports TV Show Pardody – Today’s Golf Courses are overcrowded.  What is the solution?  Graveyards!  Follow our enduring sportsmen/women as they venture among the dead and mourning to get that birdie!

Heroes Anonymous

Sketch – Heroes are people too.. Most of the time.. Heroes with feelings.. Heroes with their own problems in addition to the weight of the world.  Where do they go?  Group therapy!  Go behind the closed doors of our heroes to see what they really fear.

Judge Court

TV Reality show Parody – Just another ordinary day in Judge Court, where the Bailiff, Defense, Prosecution, Judge, and the Jury are all Judges. Complete with their own robes and gavels.

Keystone Cops

Follow the men in blue.. er.. black & white, as they protect the peace.. and the hilarity!

Music Video – Richardo and Richardo

A Parody of the popular 1980s song “Round and Round” by Dead or Alive as performed by character Ricky Richardo.

Psychic Pizza Delivery

Parody TV Commercial – A commercial for the Pizza delivery business who gets to your door before you even know you are hungry.

Pussy Talk

Parody TV Talk Show – A very well intentioned woman hosts a TV talk show in which the host and the special guests talk about cats.  The show is a phone-in talk show for cats and their owners.